Monday, December 19, 2011

[TUTORIAL] - Holiday inspired look

Yay! Another video! I am really trying my best on making videos and posting them since I just got the hang of the program. Also it is a lot easier than stopping every step of the way to take a picture and describing the step. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Its a holiday inspired look with the colors red, gold, and green. I'm still working on the angles and lighting so bear with me while I work on making it perfect!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[REVIEW] Tokidoki Brush Sets!

Yay! Finally right? This is my first video ANYTHING so please let me know if I need to change the lighting or angle. Also constructive criticism is much welcome! This is a review of my tokidoki brush sets that I've gotten in a recent Sephora haul. Also let me know if you want me to write a post about the brush sets also!


Love and Kisses,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What to expect next?

So after a very long hiatus, I am very much alive by the way, I am ready to hop back on to my blog! This year has been the absolute worst for me. Besides graduating, nothing else has been working out for me. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and it has been a long journey. Hopefully with the new year coming along, things will pick up and fall into place!

I thought I'll start off this update with a look of what is to come! Though I haven't been updating as much as I wanted, I have been compiling photos and articles/notes of what I would like to post about. I even have a folder on my desktop labeled as such! So without much further ado, here is what to expect:

- Reviews on product hauls I have gotten during the hiatus
- Short video reviews (I got a tripod!)
- Make up tutorials
- Tips on how to survive the winter
- Holiday look ideas!

That is to name a few and as always, let me know if there are any comments or requests!

A small preview of what my next post will be?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

[REVIEW] - Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges

Hello fellow glam-aholics!

I know I haven't updated in a REALLY long time, but I've been having a tough time in life. I've been going through ups and downs of life and have had difficulty getting up in the morning at times. I'm slowly getting better, however, with the help of friends and family. There are days when I want to sleep my life away and there are days when I can get through my daily routines.

Well, enough of depressing thoughts; here is a review of my collection of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges for Lips and Cheeks!

Monday, July 18, 2011

SUMMER LOOK! - A swipe of color!

Summer is definitely the season where all bright colors are let loose and are unjudged (somewhat)! I love wearing bright colors in the summer because it is the time when I can wear less make up on my face, allowing for a natural tan to come through, and put bright colors everywhere else! However, for those who don't have much intention of whipping out the bright eyeshadows to contour and make a gradient of colors, there are other methods to create a bright summery look! How?
Color eyeliners!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

[LOTD] - Pink is in the eye of the beholder


As I've mentioned in previous post, I love wearing my pink lens when I have a date or a gathering where my crush would be at; gives me a feel of extra oomph! In this LOTD, I was on my way to a gathering and, of course, I had to look my best! In this outfit, I didn't want to look too serious so my ripped dark wash jeans gave me an edge. I thought it'll give the feel of 'Little Miss Perfect with an edge'. Haha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[NOTD] - Elephantasticly lilacism!

Maybe it is the summer or the girl in me, but I am forever in love with bright pink and pastel purples! For the last couple of weeks, my toes have been a forever bright coral pink (They aren't all the same color). I just love how my toes look with the pink in its shiny lusciousness. While I do love doing my nails, I hate doing my toes. Mostly because pedicures take a long time for me to do properly and I rather be in a massage chair letting someone else do it for me haha. I am a bit of a lazybug.

OPI elephantastic pink shown

Friday, July 1, 2011

[NOTD] - Pink and green, pink and green

Three post in one day?! My way of thanking fellow glam-aholics! :) So, I've actually done this design a while ago.. for my graduation! However, like I've mentioned, I am backlogged on posts and I most definitely am trying to play catch up.. thank god, I'm not like this with schoolwork!

Fashion Find! - Steve Madden wedges

Just like every other girl out there, I absolutely LOVE shoes! I love how a pair of simple shoes can spice up an outfit or even play it down; I also love how a person's personality can show through a pair of shoes. So the story behind this pair of most ADORABLE wedges is that my mom decided she wanted to go shopping at this outlet in Long Island. I never turn down shopping. Thus, came an adventure for my dad, my mom, and my younger sister. I, however, ended up barely buying anything (what a drag!) but just before we left... we went around Steven Madden. I was only simply looking over the pair of wedges and when there was a pair in my size on display, I tried it on for fun.. Everything that happened next was history. They looked so amazingly hot/sexy/adorable/cute that I had to get them! It was a bit hefty, $50, but I love wedges and I loved how summer-y they looked! Needless to say, after much groveling, I got them. It also helped that everyone in the store complimented how cute they look on me.

[REVIEW] - EOS Max Pure Pink

Tonight, I've spent a good amount of time fixing up most of the photos I've took over a period of time and I will do my best to write a decent amount of posts to make up for the short hiatus. It definitely helps when I get comments from fellow glam-aholics! Keeps me motivated and on course!! So in this post, before I begin anything, I want to thank everyone who took time out to write a comment - no matter how small - on my posts! I also want to give a shout out to a wonderful sorority sister of mine, Vicky. :) Thanks for encouraging me!

So without further ado, here is another review on my collection of circle lens!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

[REVIEW] - GEO Princess Mimi Bambi Series Chocolate

Look! Another Circle Lens review! This is the last of the Princess Mimi Bambi Series that I have, I am currently missing the Almond lens. However, only these three (Chocolate, Green Apple, and Sesame Grey) have similar designs. Well, let's get started!


I knowwwww, it has been so long! Especially after I said I was going to try and post more often.. I'm too lazy sometimes and I've been going out a lot at night; not goood! BUT, I've moved myself into a different environment and hopefully this will motivate me to post more!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

[REVIEW] - GEO Princess Mimi Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Good afternoon!

I've been trying my best to update, mainly with pictures since I can write the post anytime, and I think I've done a pretty okay job. This means I have more posts lined up for you, fellow glam-aholics! :) So first on my list if to write a review for my Princess Mimi lens, the Sesame Grey one. Without much further ado..

Friday, May 27, 2011

NOTD - Rainbow Leopard

Good evening fellow glam-aholics!

I hope everyone is having a much better week than me! I've sold my old Olympus SP-500uz camera for the CANON S95 (insert glitter confetti)! However, it took a week for amazon to ship it to me and before I even found it on amazon, other places were trying to sell it to me $100 more than retail price. People must think I'm stupid and that I haven't done any research.. rude. (Lesson learned, ALWAYS research the prices and its specifications before purchasing ANYTHING!) So, moving on from not having a camera to operate with... my laptop broke down. First it was the charger, which wouldn't charge my brand new batteries, and then it was my keyboard that broke down and refused to type whatever I wanted. All in all, it was a horrible week and hopefully it will pick up for me after this weekend. Last but now least, job hunting is super hard! Who would've thought that there were so limited openings for paid/non-paid veterinary internships. :(

Monday, May 16, 2011

[REVIEW] - Revlon Just Bitten

My fellow glam-aholics! Sorry for the pause in blogging but being at home has its side affects, also known as bumming around. For some reason, I can't help but laze around in sweats, hair in a ponytail, and slippers. I look like such a mess when I am at home, that is why I usually prefer to be away. But, moving on from my excuses, I have a review for you today! A fellow blogger has asked me to review Revlon's Just Bitten and here it is!

Revlon Just Bitten in Passion, NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am a sucker for her giveaways. Don't get me wrong... I love her blog but her giveaways always seem to find a way to make me want to enter! This time she has 10+ palettes to giveaway! And yes, fellow glam-aholics, I do want one. SO, if you also wish to enter and join in.. here is the link!

1000+ follower 10+ palette giveaway!

Graduation, my dog Duke, and LOTD

So I thought I'll share a little about my life since I've moved back home and have a bit more to blog about. This is going to be mostly the reason why I wasn't able to post as frequently the last couple of days. For those who have no interest about reading that, but only in the LOTD... it will be the first thing I write about before anything else :P

Beauty Haul - Drugstore style!

This post has been in my draft for at least a week.. so sad but I've been so busy packing, graduation, and getting situated at home. But, here was my latest beauty haul! I know I've mentioned couple of posts back that I would do reviews of the products I've bought and also my fashion hauls.. but do not worry, I will be adding a to-review list on the sidebar and I will try and stick to that schedule! I will get to it, I promise!

So, I know I've been writing about a lot of beauty hauls from brand-names and from online stores but I wanted to show that you don't need to go far to buy beauty products; your drugstore may have some hidden treasures as well! This haul isn't as big as the last one I've posted (mostly because my money budget has dropped tremendously). However! I couldn't resist a drugstore haul! So, moving on to such hauls...

Monday, May 2, 2011

[REVIEW] - Garnier Nutrisse in Cocoa bean 43

Two posts in one day? Well, I can't really say it is much of an accomplishment since I've done it before... BUT still! Whoo! Accomplishment! Haha... So, proceeding further away from my spazz and closer to this hair dye adventure.

[REVIEW] Zoe 1" Professional Styling Iron

Greetings, fellow Glam-aholics! I thought I'll start today off with a quick review of a straightening iron I've picked up from Wal-mart for approximately $29. I had wanted a new iron for a while now, to replace my Conair Wet2Straight iron from 5 years ago, and also because I wanted a slimmer iron to try and curl with. So when I hit up Wal-mart on one of my hauling trips, I thought... why not? It also helped that this iron was absolutely adorable!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

[REVIEW] Geo Xtra Nudy Grey & FOTD

Hi all! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, especially with this lovely weather!! The sun is shining and the weather is warm, I am in love with summer. I think I can bask in it forever haha I should perhaps think about living in a warm state, California? :D Anyways, I had a new batch of circle lens come in yesterday and I couldn't wait until I got to try them so here is one of five new lens! The Geo Xtra Nudy Grey... my first pair of circle lens were Geo Nudy and I have been in love with them. So I thought, Xtra Nudy? They must be extra bright and extra big! Well, that is only half true :(

(I will be uploading a picture of how they look in my lens case later)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like I've said before, I was going to write some reviews about the sites I've ordered from. These are not endorsed, just merely my opinion as a shopper. Everytime I want to shop online, I always make sure its a reputable source and to see if what I want is what I get; also helps if shipping is fast! I will be doing a couple of these on the sites I've ordered from. Feel free to share your own experience with these sites :)

First review will be

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So because of the sunny day and because of all the new things I've gotten today, I decided to get dolled up! Just FYI, I am in LOVE with UD Naked Palette! The shades are gorgeous and they are so smooth and silky... absolute LOVE<3

Beauty Haul Galore!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather outside, I know I'm overjoyed that it is no longer rainy and is now sunny! It was so warm outside today, I felt silly wearing my hoodie... in fact, I'm sure I got weird looks. Anyways, all the items I've ordered in the last couple of days have started to come in slowly. Thanks to my roommate, since I'm using his school mailbox, I got most of my beauty hauls in! I'm still waiting on one more beauty item (which will probably come in tomorrow) and some fashion hauls! So to start this beautiful day, here is my beauty haul! Warning: image heavy!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


So usually I don't participate in giveaways or any contests because I never seem to win when I do.. and that crash of expectation is not fun. However, this one giveaway was just too tempting for me to pass over! A birthday giveaway with Urban Decay Black Palette, 24/7 Glide-On Eye pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection,  UD Naked Palette and some other British goods.. yeah, that description got you hooked too huh? Just to show I'm not kidding, here is the blog post and you may read it yourself: The 20th Birthday Giveaway

[REVIEW] Geo Angel Grey

It is such a lovely Sunday today, birds are chirping and the sun is shining. I don't think I can ask for a more perfect Sunday... though it seems as if it is passing too slowly to me. This is probably because I'm super anxious about all my new packages coming in (I ordered some more contacts, sue me). I promised a fellow soompier that I was going to make a brief review for the gray circle lens I have so I shall start with my Super Pinky pair. (Edit: I had my cases labeled wrong but I will find out which pair this is) GEO ANGEL in GREY Unfortunately, most of these are close-ups; I will, however, re-update these with full face photos once I get a chance!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[REVIEW] DollyEye Brown

Hi all! As promised, I would be updating a review about the circle lens I'm wearing today; DollyEye in Brown! This will be a more in-depth review of these circle lens, and I will probably do the same for the rest of the lens I've reviewed for. But before I dive into the review, I must rant a little. I wore them to a concert at a school, Springfest, and it was absolutely horrible (the concert, not the lens). I almost fainted from being crushed by continuous pushing and one guy had the nerve to threaten to cut me! A guy, threatened a girl... apparently someone was not taught manners and proper protocol! There were police there and even when I complained of people smoking inside a building, they done nothing and walked on by. These guys changed from a cigarette to weed. Also, people brought in cans and bottles of alcohol to the concert. Keep in mind, this was all in an academic building. The bands were White Panda and Chiddy Bang. Funny story, Chiddy Bang did not end up showing and we were not told of this until the very end when they were suppose to go on stage. I am absolute horrified by this school and its behaviors; I feel old for saying all this but there was no organization or any protocol... absolutely horrible!

Anyway, moving on from the brief venting... let us dive into the review for DollyEye!


Ah! So I am super excited to find out that I have 4 followers at the moment; I can't be any more excited!! I was just wondering if anyone had any requests/suggestions? Would you like some tutorial, or more reviews and beauty hauls? Drop a comment and I shall do my best to fulfill it. Quick update, I'm wearing DollyEye in Brown today and I definitely have a lot to say about this particular lens! So stay tune and I shall have an update later today after I'm done with it's trials.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beauty Haul!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I love to eat, sleep, and shop (or E.S.S); what a life huh? -.-'' I really do need to find some more new hobbies to do. I have been dogsitting, however, and while he is a charmer when asleep... he is a handful when he's awake. His name is Jones, a miniature Pinscher and despite his size, he has a lung on him. I am, of course, keeping in my apartments secretly for the week. Fingers crossed!

But besides dealing with Mister Jones, I've been scoping the internet out for swatches of blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. and then deciding if it was worth the investment. Needless to say, I got a beauty haul (with several more coming up). I even have some clothes to match with it. My excuse was that I need it for my graduation in two weeks... a weak and very lame excuse. But hopefully this will benefit those who are trying to decide if the products are worth the purchase! This post only has swatches, not a full review of the products, I have a list I need to go through first before doing these unfortunately. But stay tuned!

The products shown from top to bottom, left to right: Benefits Sugarbomb, Benefits Dandelion, Benefit Boi~ing, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink and in Powder Pink, Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow in Sage.

[REVIEW] Geo Bambi Series Princess Mimi Green Apple

There was so much confusion with this lens because of all the different names that came with it. Hopefully I've gotten all of it down in the title. This is one of my new favorite lens!

[REVIEW] Neo Sunflower Blue

As promised, I will be reviewing two circle lens today! They will be in separate posts and I will include pictures so enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty Haul!

I have been a shopaholic maniac lately! Perhaps its the slight tinge of depression, but I've been buying on impulse... not so good for my thinning wallet. I do love shopping but lately, it has been all cosmetics and nothing else. However, this is beneficial for my readers since I can do swatches and reviews for such! So here are just snapshots of my beauty haul (there are more coming in) and reviews of each will be coming up soon. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Tutorial//Nails] - Pink Pinstripes

First tutorial! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. It didn't take that long to do, mainly because I had the nail art pen which erases off very easily. A review for Sally Hansen's NailArt Pen will be coming up soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

First post

W E L C O M E !

This has got to be my 19474201 bajillion blog, HOWEVER, I am determined to make this work. I love cosmetics, beauty products, fashion, and just about anything cute! I would like to share with you, the readers, my love for anything and everything fabulously glamorous. Please enjoy and comment!