Monday, May 2, 2011

[REVIEW] Zoe 1" Professional Styling Iron

Greetings, fellow Glam-aholics! I thought I'll start today off with a quick review of a straightening iron I've picked up from Wal-mart for approximately $29. I had wanted a new iron for a while now, to replace my Conair Wet2Straight iron from 5 years ago, and also because I wanted a slimmer iron to try and curl with. So when I hit up Wal-mart on one of my hauling trips, I thought... why not? It also helped that this iron was absolutely adorable!

Sorry! I keep forgetting to take photos when they are in their boxes. As you can tell, I love opening things :( However, they don't always go the way I want because I never get good pictures in the beginning. I need to learn self-control. Moving on to the iron!

I have to admit, this iron was utterly adorable. The daisy stole my heart and that was one of the main reasons why I've picked it. At Wal-mart there was another design, black with white polka dots, but I loved how happy this iron looked (and yes, irons have emotion looks as well). I was so happy to try this, but this just goes on to show that you should never have high hopes for anything. Before we jump into its downfall, lets make a quick jump into its specifications.

Tourmaline Ceramic technology - ceramic coated plates that seals the cuticle, locks in natural moisture and thus leaves hair healthy, silky, and smooth. It also evenly distributes iron, while reducing hot spots and eliminating static.

Floating plates - can be used to straighten, curl, flip, or even wave your hair

Heats up to 410F

Power indicator

360 degrees swivel connection

8ft cord

Bonus Thermal travel pouch

So, now that we've gone over the specifications... let us jump into my honest opinion. I absolutely hated this iron. I can't believe I even bought this! Thank god for Wal-mart's return policy! It did not straighten my hair, nor did it curl it. In fact, I wasn't even sure how hot the iron was because there were no indicators. It was so disappointing since this iron was utterly adorable! The only controls on this iron was ON/OFF. That was all. I felt as if I've been thrown back into the prehistoric age when straighteners had that button to turn on and hold to turn off. I am not actually sure on how to even rate this iron.. but I shall try to make something.

Appearance 5/5 -  Look at it. How can you not coo over it?!
Design 1/5 - I gave half a point on the 360 swivel connection and another half a point on it having the switches on the inside of the iron.
Cost/Affectiveness 0/5 - For almost $30, you would think this iron would work to that value! But no, it was a complete fail.
Overall 2/5 - The appearance saved it from being a 1... but that was all.

I would NOT recommend this to ANYONE.. unless you want it for decorations. Then by all means, stock up!

Love and Kisses,


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