Monday, May 2, 2011

[REVIEW] - Garnier Nutrisse in Cocoa bean 43

Two posts in one day? Well, I can't really say it is much of an accomplishment since I've done it before... BUT still! Whoo! Accomplishment! Haha... So, proceeding further away from my spazz and closer to this hair dye adventure.

A little background on my hair: I've dyed my hair in high school when the bright, orange-y, light brown was in style. After that, when the color faded to a darker brown and my roots were showing horrendously... I've dyed it to a brownish red. Once that faded and grew out, I've dyed my hair black and got attempted to get pink underlights. The hairdresser killed my hair and it turned dark red. Once that faded into the most lightest brown I've ever seen, add in the complete deadness of my hair, and you got a disaster. After that experience, I grew out my black hair and left it. Until recently, when one of my sorority sister convinced me that it would be an adventure to attempt to dye my hair a light brown. We searched the shelves for one fitting of my hair and we came upon Garnier Nutrisse in 43 Cocoa Beans. This is when our adventure begins.

This is what my hair looked liked before we started the adventure. 

I've followed the instructions to the absolute tee and most definitely did not deviate one bit. Here are some pictures during those steps.

Color applied

The back

Sorry about covering my face but I looked like a WRECK that day. It was not a good day for me to be showing my face to the internet world haha. But, even without my face, you should still be able to see what I've done. I've made sure my hair was saturated and also ran my fingers through each strand when I was squirting the dye out to each sections. I then tied it up so it wouldn't be in my face or staining everywhere.

After washing

After washing

I've left it in for the required 25 minutes, as I was instructed to do, and then proceeded to rinse it off without shampoos. I've also used the included conditioner for my hair afterwards.

End result

End result

There was basically no difference in my hair color except a very subtle lighten. In certain lights, you can see an almost reddish brown tint, but it isn't noticeable and I don't think the ends of my hair have the color. I was SO disappointed! I've wasted money and some of my time, building up anticipation that I was going to get a nice light brown... only to have my own hair color. It was sad.

Lesson learned? Get black hair professionally colored instead.


  1. I think if you want light brown hair, you should use a blonde dye :D it'll make it brown :p i've never dyed my hair before, except had highlights before. but i'm planning to dye my whole head though :DD ~

    & ya i dont see much of a difference though :(

  2. Darn-- always sucks when you get jazzed for a hair colour and it's a total flop in the end. :/

    And I agree with Sandy: always choose a colour lighter than you want to go, as usually, you'll get less of an impact from box dyes.

    Hrm... there's always Palty and Prettia dyes~~. ;P

  3. @Sandy ♥

    Haha yeah, I was VERY tempted to use a blond dye but I chickened out at the last minute. It also didn't help that the color results on the box showed black hair turning to a light brown; I fell for that =[

    Definitely make sure you condition the crap out of your hair after you dye the whole head... My hair was very dead when I did it =[

  4. @♥ Noxin ♥

    Yeah! I was so excited and then, BAM nothing :(

    That is the thing; the before and after picture on the box showed that it should show on black hair but it didn't work out. I've heard of Palty hair dye.. does it work specifically for black hair?