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Beauty Haul - Drugstore style!

This post has been in my draft for at least a week.. so sad but I've been so busy packing, graduation, and getting situated at home. But, here was my latest beauty haul! I know I've mentioned couple of posts back that I would do reviews of the products I've bought and also my fashion hauls.. but do not worry, I will be adding a to-review list on the sidebar and I will try and stick to that schedule! I will get to it, I promise!

So, I know I've been writing about a lot of beauty hauls from brand-names and from online stores but I wanted to show that you don't need to go far to buy beauty products; your drugstore may have some hidden treasures as well! This haul isn't as big as the last one I've posted (mostly because my money budget has dropped tremendously). However! I couldn't resist a drugstore haul! So, moving on to such hauls...

They're a little bit of beauty and a little bit of fashion thrown all in the mix! I only went to two places for these finds: Wal-Mart and Claire's. Let's start first with my Wal-Mart haul! 

I love Wal-Mart because it is so convenient for college students such as myself (well ex-college student now). I can shop for some minor apparel, jewelry, electronics, food, beauty supplies, and home... all in one place! The only bad thing is that when I go in to buy one thing... I end up leaving with bags of other things. 

TRESemme Curl Activated Spray

The nozzle

I kind of brought this on a whim... mainly because my curls weren't staying intact and I wanted this to hopefully make my curls more defined and for them to actually stay. The instructions tell me that I have to apply to damp hair, blow dry for a minute to activate, and then curl... it is a bit of a hassle. So I thought, why not just get straight to curling. Bad. idea. It made my curls kind of crunchy and also a little bit sticky; I can see why there are instructions now. I haven't been able to use it, properly, yet but I hope to do a review on it soon!

Aussie Hair Insurance

This is a leave-in conditioner, something my hair definitely needs. It has been frizzy lately and hard to style because of it... so I brought this an the 3-minute miracle (not shown in photos). The 3-minute miracle smelled like coconut and definitely did feel like a miracle; my hair was so soft after using it! The texture has been getting better, now that I use both the leave-in conditioner and the 3-minute miracle!

Revlon Just Bitten (Flames and Passion)



I absolutely love this stain. I haven't tried the Flame color yet but I am in love with Passion. It is a reddish-pink color when applied and the balm is applied AFTER the stain so to add a bit of gloss to it and that you don't look like you just ate a cherry lollipop. It stays on for a while and even when my lipstick is gone (I've applied a bit of stain followed by lipstick), the stain remained!

L'Oreal Lineur Intense


This is actually my go-to liquid eyeliner. It stays on great, even WITHOUT eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow.. I got lazy one day. I was so amazed when that happened... it is also fairly easy to use since it has a felt-tip applicator. The only thing I can think of complaining is that it's gone fairly quickly... meaning I go through a tube real quick. I don't use a lot of it so for it to start getting washy on me is something I hate. I try to stock up on these but they're pretty expensive.. around $8-9.

Revlon Double Wink, Revlon Thicken Chic, Salon Perfect Demi Wispes

I've only tried the Thicken Chic and I don't think I really like revlon lashes.. they were hard to apply and I ended up using another pair of lashes because of it. I will try again, because I like how full they are but honestly, it might not be worth all that trouble.

Goody Black Bands and Hair Clips

Haha.. part of the haul!

L'oreal Voluminous Original

The Brush

New favorite drugstore mascara? I think so! I love the brush in this; the formula? Not too much... but it does get my lashes pretty plush! The formula is a bit clumpy on my lashes, no matter what precaution I try to take but this mascara honestly does make my lashes go from invisible to WHAM! VISIBLE!! It's slowly becoming a daily essential.

Maybelline Totally Toffee

This is part of their colorsensational line and I already have two of their lipsticks.. while it does not last as long as I like, I love the color. This is a nude color (though it is part of the brown shades) and I usually pair it with my NARS lipglosses. It gives a nice nude pink finish which I adore! Totally natural!

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Brown

I've never own a brown eyeliner before... seriously. I've always had black and even during my natural looks, I've always used black eyeliner. But trying this brown eyeliner... it gave a whole new meaning to natural for me. I recommend that everyone should have both a black and brown eyeliner in their makeup kit. This eyeliner stays on most of the day for me so I haven't have a complaint about it just yet. 

Physician's Formula Mood Boosters Bronzer

If you followed through my hauls, I'm sure some of you have come across this except in a finishing powder and a blush. I have, basically, the whole collection. I love the blush, some complaints about the finishing powder, and neutral about the bronzer. I don't see a difference when I apply this on.. but it might just mean I need a darker color or I need to use a heavier hand. But, I love the smell and the mini boost it does seem to give me when I apply these on.

Revlon Lash curler

I have a metal lash curler but because of the sides, I wasn't able to curl my false lashes and even ended up killing a pair when I tried. This makes it easier for me to curl my lashes a bit since the sides are gone.

Top to bottom and from left to right:
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Brown
Revlon Just Bitten in Passion, without and with balm
Revlon lineur intense eyeliner in Carbon Black
Maybelline Totally Toffee

Sorry the swatches appear so washed out; I'll try to take better ones since I took them under my lamp. Moving on to the few accessories I've bought from Claire's.

Rhinestone butterfly headband

Rhinestone bow earrings

Rhinestone bow earrings with a pearl (I lied, this is from Forever 21)

Nerd glasses

Love and Kisses,

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  1. Post a review on those revlon stains Mika :3 I want to buy those :O So cute. Pink sharpies! Haha!