Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty Haul Galore!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather outside, I know I'm overjoyed that it is no longer rainy and is now sunny! It was so warm outside today, I felt silly wearing my hoodie... in fact, I'm sure I got weird looks. Anyways, all the items I've ordered in the last couple of days have started to come in slowly. Thanks to my roommate, since I'm using his school mailbox, I got most of my beauty hauls in! I'm still waiting on one more beauty item (which will probably come in tomorrow) and some fashion hauls! So to start this beautiful day, here is my beauty haul! Warning: image heavy!!

So that is my beauty haul! I was so excited to receive my items, I barely contained myself from taking them out of their packaging. I don't have much self restraint when it comes to new beauty items.. :(

All the boxes my roommate had to bring back to the apartment from campus :P By the way, the shoes in the zappos box will be for my next fashion haul post so stay tune for that!

The following sites I bought my items from are: - Japonesque false eyelashes, Stila smudge pot, Urban Decay Naked Palette

Madame Madeline - Ardell lashes and DUO eyelash adhesive

Sephora - Beautyblender, Tokidoki brushes, Sephora Professional brushes - NYX lipsticks, Smashbox brush

I will be doing an individual review for each site so in case you were curious to know how the transactions went and the customer services are before ordering, I will be writing a brief review for each of these sites!

Close-up of all the false eyelashes I've brought: 

Ardell 109

Ardell 110

Ardell Babies

Ardell 131

Ardell 136

Ardell Daisy

Japonesque ZM-408

Close-up of Tokidoki brush, Beautyblender, Smashbox brush & Sephora Professional brushes

The tops of the Tokidoki brushes 

Tokidoki brushes

Packaging the brushes came in 


Beautyblender, dry

Size of Beautyblender

Sample cleanser and instructions 

Pedestal included for Beautyblender

Smashbox angled eyeliner brush


 Sephora Professional Angled eyeliner brush


Sephora Professional Stippling brush 


NYX lipsticks:

Frappucino, Georgia, Louisiana
Narcissus, Tea Rose, Milan

Milan, Frappucino, Tea Rose 

Narcissus, Georgia, Louisiana

Naked Palette:
Naked Palette came with a mini UD Primer

The packaging it came in

The palette itself, a mirror, 12 shades, and the Good Karma shadow brush

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck

Buck, Halfbaked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted

Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

Close-up of the Good Karma Shadow Brush

Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten (the packaging, the pot)

How it looks in the pot

Smudge Pot Kitten swatch

I will try my best to do full reviews for all the items I said I'll do them about! I've been just too excited about my new beauty items that I've neglected the other items, sadly. Also, I've found out I bought a fake Benefit blush.. the Dandelion blush; I was so mad and sad! :( I bought it from Ebay and this is definitely a lesson learned! Anyways, hope everyone enjoys the pictures and I will most definitely try my best to do reviews on all of them... let me know if anyone has a preference on which products they want a review on first! :)

Love and Kisses,


  1. Nice haul of beauty products! You got so much great stuff and yay for the naked palette. CAn't wait to see the looks you create with the new items you got.

  2. Wow, these are some amazing haulssss ^__^ you actually got the naked palette?! :O:O *jealous :( my spehora is still out of stock :(

    and i have the tokidoki brushes as well, theyre sooo cute and softt <3

  3. @che

    Haha thanks! Yeah, I am in love with the Naked Palette.. it can be used for both subtle everyday looks, and also dramatic night looks!

  4. @Sandy ♥

    Thanks! Yeah! Sephora is almost ALWAYS out of stock.. but if you sign up for the e-mail option, they'll let you know when they restock! I would also check ulta and and definitely! Last I checked, they are still in stock! And definitely cheaper than ebay lol

    I love the tokidoki brushes too! They are definitely a good buy lol