Friday, May 27, 2011

NOTD - Rainbow Leopard

Good evening fellow glam-aholics!

I hope everyone is having a much better week than me! I've sold my old Olympus SP-500uz camera for the CANON S95 (insert glitter confetti)! However, it took a week for amazon to ship it to me and before I even found it on amazon, other places were trying to sell it to me $100 more than retail price. People must think I'm stupid and that I haven't done any research.. rude. (Lesson learned, ALWAYS research the prices and its specifications before purchasing ANYTHING!) So, moving on from not having a camera to operate with... my laptop broke down. First it was the charger, which wouldn't charge my brand new batteries, and then it was my keyboard that broke down and refused to type whatever I wanted. All in all, it was a horrible week and hopefully it will pick up for me after this weekend. Last but now least, job hunting is super hard! Who would've thought that there were so limited openings for paid/non-paid veterinary internships. :(

Monday, May 16, 2011

[REVIEW] - Revlon Just Bitten

My fellow glam-aholics! Sorry for the pause in blogging but being at home has its side affects, also known as bumming around. For some reason, I can't help but laze around in sweats, hair in a ponytail, and slippers. I look like such a mess when I am at home, that is why I usually prefer to be away. But, moving on from my excuses, I have a review for you today! A fellow blogger has asked me to review Revlon's Just Bitten and here it is!

Revlon Just Bitten in Passion, NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am a sucker for her giveaways. Don't get me wrong... I love her blog but her giveaways always seem to find a way to make me want to enter! This time she has 10+ palettes to giveaway! And yes, fellow glam-aholics, I do want one. SO, if you also wish to enter and join in.. here is the link!

1000+ follower 10+ palette giveaway!

Graduation, my dog Duke, and LOTD

So I thought I'll share a little about my life since I've moved back home and have a bit more to blog about. This is going to be mostly the reason why I wasn't able to post as frequently the last couple of days. For those who have no interest about reading that, but only in the LOTD... it will be the first thing I write about before anything else :P

Beauty Haul - Drugstore style!

This post has been in my draft for at least a week.. so sad but I've been so busy packing, graduation, and getting situated at home. But, here was my latest beauty haul! I know I've mentioned couple of posts back that I would do reviews of the products I've bought and also my fashion hauls.. but do not worry, I will be adding a to-review list on the sidebar and I will try and stick to that schedule! I will get to it, I promise!

So, I know I've been writing about a lot of beauty hauls from brand-names and from online stores but I wanted to show that you don't need to go far to buy beauty products; your drugstore may have some hidden treasures as well! This haul isn't as big as the last one I've posted (mostly because my money budget has dropped tremendously). However! I couldn't resist a drugstore haul! So, moving on to such hauls...

Monday, May 2, 2011

[REVIEW] - Garnier Nutrisse in Cocoa bean 43

Two posts in one day? Well, I can't really say it is much of an accomplishment since I've done it before... BUT still! Whoo! Accomplishment! Haha... So, proceeding further away from my spazz and closer to this hair dye adventure.

[REVIEW] Zoe 1" Professional Styling Iron

Greetings, fellow Glam-aholics! I thought I'll start today off with a quick review of a straightening iron I've picked up from Wal-mart for approximately $29. I had wanted a new iron for a while now, to replace my Conair Wet2Straight iron from 5 years ago, and also because I wanted a slimmer iron to try and curl with. So when I hit up Wal-mart on one of my hauling trips, I thought... why not? It also helped that this iron was absolutely adorable!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

[REVIEW] Geo Xtra Nudy Grey & FOTD

Hi all! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, especially with this lovely weather!! The sun is shining and the weather is warm, I am in love with summer. I think I can bask in it forever haha I should perhaps think about living in a warm state, California? :D Anyways, I had a new batch of circle lens come in yesterday and I couldn't wait until I got to try them so here is one of five new lens! The Geo Xtra Nudy Grey... my first pair of circle lens were Geo Nudy and I have been in love with them. So I thought, Xtra Nudy? They must be extra bright and extra big! Well, that is only half true :(

(I will be uploading a picture of how they look in my lens case later)