Sunday, April 24, 2011

[REVIEW] Geo Angel Grey

It is such a lovely Sunday today, birds are chirping and the sun is shining. I don't think I can ask for a more perfect Sunday... though it seems as if it is passing too slowly to me. This is probably because I'm super anxious about all my new packages coming in (I ordered some more contacts, sue me). I promised a fellow soompier that I was going to make a brief review for the gray circle lens I have so I shall start with my Super Pinky pair. (Edit: I had my cases labeled wrong but I will find out which pair this is) GEO ANGEL in GREY Unfortunately, most of these are close-ups; I will, however, re-update these with full face photos once I get a chance!

These weren't my favorite pair of gray contacts, sadly. They weren't even that comfortable either... I wore them for just a minute or two for pictures and they were already starting to irritate my eyes; I might have to soak them a bit more I guess. I do like how they make my eyes look bigger though.

Natural light, sunlight

Indoors without flash


Like I said, I apologize for not having a more far away picture, to show how they look fully but I was in a rush to take pictures and only managed to take close-ups. I will, however, take better ones tomorrow once I take a minute to breathe. They are a darker gray than I would've liked and they didn't really provide much of a halo effect for me. Also, they weren't as comfortable... sad! But, I do have very dry eyes so that may be a reason why they weren't all that comfy. I will also find out what brand this pair is AND also update twice tomorrow with EOS Adult Gray and the real Super Pinky Gray. Sorry for the mix-up!

I would recommend this to those who want an enlargement effect, and a gray color, but nothing too bright.


  1. Oh woww, they're so pretty! I definitely want to know what they are :D I actually like that they're so dark, it's super pretty >< Also, I've been wondering for a long time and keep forgetting to ask someone,,,, what does it mean when a lens has a "halo effect"? Sorry if that's a dumb question! XD I'm super looking forward to your next lens review and more pictures ^____^

  2. i think... the effect of the grey angel really reminds me korean actresses! all of their eyes are like these LOL

    but those lenses do brighten your eyes =D!! pretty

  3. @Katie: The halo effect is the slight outer ring that can sometimes be seen. The largeness of the halo effect is dependent on how small the wearer's iris is. You usually would get this with the Geo Nudys. And it definitely was not a dumb question lol :D

    @Pixie D: Thank you! I would've like these lens more if they were more comfortable.. I wore the green ones before and they definitely looked really natural looking cause they were so dark in color.