Saturday, April 23, 2011

[REVIEW] DollyEye Brown

Hi all! As promised, I would be updating a review about the circle lens I'm wearing today; DollyEye in Brown! This will be a more in-depth review of these circle lens, and I will probably do the same for the rest of the lens I've reviewed for. But before I dive into the review, I must rant a little. I wore them to a concert at a school, Springfest, and it was absolutely horrible (the concert, not the lens). I almost fainted from being crushed by continuous pushing and one guy had the nerve to threaten to cut me! A guy, threatened a girl... apparently someone was not taught manners and proper protocol! There were police there and even when I complained of people smoking inside a building, they done nothing and walked on by. These guys changed from a cigarette to weed. Also, people brought in cans and bottles of alcohol to the concert. Keep in mind, this was all in an academic building. The bands were White Panda and Chiddy Bang. Funny story, Chiddy Bang did not end up showing and we were not told of this until the very end when they were suppose to go on stage. I am absolute horrified by this school and its behaviors; I feel old for saying all this but there was no organization or any protocol... absolutely horrible!

Anyway, moving on from the brief venting... let us dive into the review for DollyEye!

As you can tell, the lens are very light in color but with an apparent ring. The pupil hole is pretty big as well.

With flash

With flash up-close

The lens were abnormal looking on me. I was asked if I stepped off the set of Twilight... yes, I got compared to a vampire! Perhaps some people are looking for that effect but I was merely looking for a light brown color... and I got a vampire appearance. I did get one or two compliments on them but there weren't enough to deter me from my dislike of them. I am, however, wondering if the other colors have the same effect. They were, however, incredibly comfortable! I wore them since 8am until 11pm and they did not feel dry; my eyes didn't itch either. I was pleasantly surprised.

A quick side note, I have very dry eyes. I wear Hydraclear Oasis, my clear contacts, because my eyes are so dry. You may use that as a reference when I talk of comfort.

The design looked really harsh and fake up close, nothing like how they looked like on models I've seen wear them. I have very dark chocolate eyes, bordering on black; you may use that as reference as well.

Comfort -  5/5
Design -  2/5
Color - 3/5
Effect - 3/5
Length of time - 4/5
Overall - 3/5

Comfort - I gave it 5/5 because it was very comfortable! I didn't have to hide back any tears and move it around to find it settle in. I just popped it in and it meshed with my eyes.. that sounded almost a little disturbing. But honestly, I have not touched my eye at all during the entire time I wore them.
Design - I only gave it 2/5 because it was very unnatural and it looked really fake. Also, it looked almost demonic up close.
Color - The color, I gave 3/5, because it was a very light brown... something I was craving for; but just the design of it wasn't so well.
Effect - ...I liked the compliment of me walking out from a set on Twilight. Also, it did enlarge my eyes quite a bit.
Length of time - 4/5 because usually I wear it all throughout the night when I go to clubs or bars.. but since today was an early night, I only was able to test it out for a certain amount of time.
Overall - In the end, it was only 3/5 because as much as I like the color and the comfort... I did look a bit of a freak in daylight. They were unusually fake looking and the design did not suit well with my eyes.

Recommendation - To those interested in looking like Edward from Twilight, or wants a very light brown.. supernatural appearance.


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