Friday, May 27, 2011

NOTD - Rainbow Leopard

Good evening fellow glam-aholics!

I hope everyone is having a much better week than me! I've sold my old Olympus SP-500uz camera for the CANON S95 (insert glitter confetti)! However, it took a week for amazon to ship it to me and before I even found it on amazon, other places were trying to sell it to me $100 more than retail price. People must think I'm stupid and that I haven't done any research.. rude. (Lesson learned, ALWAYS research the prices and its specifications before purchasing ANYTHING!) So, moving on from not having a camera to operate with... my laptop broke down. First it was the charger, which wouldn't charge my brand new batteries, and then it was my keyboard that broke down and refused to type whatever I wanted. All in all, it was a horrible week and hopefully it will pick up for me after this weekend. Last but now least, job hunting is super hard! Who would've thought that there were so limited openings for paid/non-paid veterinary internships. :(

So, thus, therefore! I had to cheer myself up and what better way than to beauty myself out a bit? SO, first picture I took with my new camera were my nails! I've always loved leopard prints and making them colorful definitely is a reminder that SUMMER IS COMING! Let me know if anyone wants individual swatches of the color nailpolishes I've used!

Sally Hansen's Nail Pen in Black, Essie in Moonstruck, CoverGirl Boundless color in Disco Dazzle, Love and Beauty in Salmon, OPI in Do you Lilac it?, Need Sunglasses?, Green-wich Village, The "It" Color.
Bonus Picture!

Duke after his much needed haircut!

Love and Kisses,

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