Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like I've said before, I was going to write some reviews about the sites I've ordered from. These are not endorsed, just merely my opinion as a shopper. Everytime I want to shop online, I always make sure its a reputable source and to see if what I want is what I get; also helps if shipping is fast! I will be doing a couple of these on the sites I've ordered from. Feel free to share your own experience with these sites :)

First review will be

Shopping range: Brands include both high end and drugstore brands, since its two sites with one shopping bag. I can pick up things I need from a drugstore, while shopping for some high end beauty products as well. Brands such as Bare Escentuals, Urban Decay, NARS, etc are available for purchase. Side note, I bought my Urban Decay Naked Palette here as well! It goes for much more on Ebay, which is ridiculous, and while well known sites such as the UD website or Sephora runs out of stock, I found mine on this site. It even came with a deluxe sample for the palette. However, it isn't as wide of a range as Sephora nor does it have all products. I'm sure each products probably don't have all the color choices available.. but it does serve as a good alternative.

Prices: They are about the same price you would find on all the sites, but you're more likely to have discount codes for this site.

Service: Shipping was amazing. I ordered it last Friday and received it Wednesday, I honestly thought processing and shipping would take forever. However, I am happy it didn't take as long as I thought!

Overall: I would definitely buy from here again. Of course, Sephora is usually my go-to place for make up but can very well be my backup if an item runs out of stock at Sephora; that is if has it of course!

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