Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty Haul!

I have been a shopaholic maniac lately! Perhaps its the slight tinge of depression, but I've been buying on impulse... not so good for my thinning wallet. I do love shopping but lately, it has been all cosmetics and nothing else. However, this is beneficial for my readers since I can do swatches and reviews for such! So here are just snapshots of my beauty haul (there are more coming in) and reviews of each will be coming up soon. Enjoy!

The nail section of this beauty haul are my two OPI polishes from the Katy Perry collection; Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night. The orange polish is Sally Hansen's Vitasurge cuticle gel, which I will be doing a review on in the future. I have been obsessing over Sally Hansen's nail art pen since they came out and these two complete my collection of their colors. The ones you see here are purple and blue,

My new masks!! They are called My Beauty Diary. I've had a sample box to try when one of my cousins went to China, but I've never paid much attention to them until recently. I'm in love with them! I haven't been able to try them on a daily basis, to see their full potential, but I have high expectations. The ones I have on display is Mixed Berry and Strawberry Yogurt. I assumed that their Yogurt mask is the same as their Strawberry Yogurt mask, but apparently there is a slight difference. However, I love the smell of it! I will show a review of it once I start using them. Can't wait!

Next is my new skin make-up! I have Super Plus Triple Functioning BB Cream, Physicians Formula Happy booster. The small one is the blush, the shade is Natural. And the bigger one, which I had mistaken as a blush in the beginning, is the powder called Translucent. I have yet to try the bronzer but I am liking them so far. Also, my new BB cream might be one of my new favorite foundations!

Unfortunately, this is only a slight tip of the amount of lens I have already. This slight, tiny, haul of circle lens took a lot of restraining on my part. I had wanted to buy all the colors of the rainbow, but I've contained myself (barely). I will update tomorrow with their colors and a brief review of one (selected on random). They ones I've got are Super Pink in Gray, Princess Mimi/ Bambi collection in Apple green, EOS DollyEye in Brown, and Neo Sunflower in Blue!

So that is my tiny brief haul, with more cosmetics coming in, so stay tuned for reviews and swatches!


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