Monday, July 18, 2011

SUMMER LOOK! - A swipe of color!

Summer is definitely the season where all bright colors are let loose and are unjudged (somewhat)! I love wearing bright colors in the summer because it is the time when I can wear less make up on my face, allowing for a natural tan to come through, and put bright colors everywhere else! However, for those who don't have much intention of whipping out the bright eyeshadows to contour and make a gradient of colors, there are other methods to create a bright summery look! How?
Color eyeliners!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

[LOTD] - Pink is in the eye of the beholder


As I've mentioned in previous post, I love wearing my pink lens when I have a date or a gathering where my crush would be at; gives me a feel of extra oomph! In this LOTD, I was on my way to a gathering and, of course, I had to look my best! In this outfit, I didn't want to look too serious so my ripped dark wash jeans gave me an edge. I thought it'll give the feel of 'Little Miss Perfect with an edge'. Haha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[NOTD] - Elephantasticly lilacism!

Maybe it is the summer or the girl in me, but I am forever in love with bright pink and pastel purples! For the last couple of weeks, my toes have been a forever bright coral pink (They aren't all the same color). I just love how my toes look with the pink in its shiny lusciousness. While I do love doing my nails, I hate doing my toes. Mostly because pedicures take a long time for me to do properly and I rather be in a massage chair letting someone else do it for me haha. I am a bit of a lazybug.

OPI elephantastic pink shown

Friday, July 1, 2011

[NOTD] - Pink and green, pink and green

Three post in one day?! My way of thanking fellow glam-aholics! :) So, I've actually done this design a while ago.. for my graduation! However, like I've mentioned, I am backlogged on posts and I most definitely am trying to play catch up.. thank god, I'm not like this with schoolwork!

Fashion Find! - Steve Madden wedges

Just like every other girl out there, I absolutely LOVE shoes! I love how a pair of simple shoes can spice up an outfit or even play it down; I also love how a person's personality can show through a pair of shoes. So the story behind this pair of most ADORABLE wedges is that my mom decided she wanted to go shopping at this outlet in Long Island. I never turn down shopping. Thus, came an adventure for my dad, my mom, and my younger sister. I, however, ended up barely buying anything (what a drag!) but just before we left... we went around Steven Madden. I was only simply looking over the pair of wedges and when there was a pair in my size on display, I tried it on for fun.. Everything that happened next was history. They looked so amazingly hot/sexy/adorable/cute that I had to get them! It was a bit hefty, $50, but I love wedges and I loved how summer-y they looked! Needless to say, after much groveling, I got them. It also helped that everyone in the store complimented how cute they look on me.

[REVIEW] - EOS Max Pure Pink

Tonight, I've spent a good amount of time fixing up most of the photos I've took over a period of time and I will do my best to write a decent amount of posts to make up for the short hiatus. It definitely helps when I get comments from fellow glam-aholics! Keeps me motivated and on course!! So in this post, before I begin anything, I want to thank everyone who took time out to write a comment - no matter how small - on my posts! I also want to give a shout out to a wonderful sorority sister of mine, Vicky. :) Thanks for encouraging me!

So without further ado, here is another review on my collection of circle lens!